Selected Humor

Grin & Tonic from The Barnes and Noble Review

"New Jewish Genetic Diseases"
Whim Quarterly

"Live-Tweeting My Brain Surgery"
Grin & Tonic from The Barnes and Noble Review

"How to Win 'The Silent Battle' and More Strategies for Improving Your Flights"
The Faster Times

"33-year-old Writer Cops to 'Occasional' Cash From Parents"
The Faster Times

"Cra Cra" Now Official Diagnosis in New DSM
The Faster Times

"Welcome to HouseMade!"
The Faster Times

"Reviews of New Food: Atkins CarbNot Beanit Butter"

"My Priceline Staycation, Parts 1-3"
The Faster Times

"Vote for Me: A Commodore 64"
Glass Shallot

"Really Simple Ways to Save, So That You Can Enjoy My Luxury Service Journalism"
The Huffington Post (Comedy Section)




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