Selected Journalism
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"The Promise to Recover (The Pressure to Say You're OK)"
The Los Angeles Times

"Beyond the Boundary Principle"
The New York Times

"Speak, Malady: An Autobiography of Cancer" [PDF]
SlideShare presentation of "Speak, Malady"

"Leasing Los Angeles"
The New York Times

"Why the Oscars Need a 'Best Soundtrack"
Cultural Opinion for The Atlantic

"Sound + Vision: On the Future of Sheet Music, My Family's Literature" (Spring 2013)
"Sound + Vision" PDF w/art
VQR Feature

"Hit or Miss: My Plunge into LA's Medical Marijuana Pool" [PDF] [+*Updated Online Version]
The Financial Times Magazine

"Itzhak Perlman: An Honest Appreciation"
The Los Angeles Times -- Perspective Essay

"If You Were Cool, Rich, or Bad Enough to Live Here, You'd Be Home" [PDF w/photos] (Cover Story)
Online Text Version
Winter 2013 Print Edition Cover Image
VQR Feature

"Uncurbed Enthusiasm: Larry David, HBO, and the Man Behind the Camera" 
Film Profile for Salon

"A Fight to Say No to Chemo"
Los Angeles Times Op-Ed

"Did Mozart--and Other Composers--Plagiarize?"
Music Opinion for Slate

"A Resonance in Dissonance"
Print Version PDF
Cultural Essay for the Los Angeles Times

"Interview with The National's Luthier"
The Believer

"Hear at Home: Kurt Masur's NY Phil"
The New Republic

"Wrestling Demons: Tim Burton, Johnny Depp Remake the Movie Musical with 'Sweeney Todd'" [pg. 1] [pg. 2]
"'Lost' Sounds: How One Composer is Bringing Live Music Back to TV"
"Hollywood's Film Music Rebel Scores"
"The Master's Class: Inside the Heifetz Society"
Music & Film Features for The Los Angeles Times

"At the Ready, Sheet Music Minus the Sheets" 
"Call Me E-mail: The Novel Unfolds Digitally" 
"The Wi-Fi Boom"
"A Music Competition Without Jitters"
Features for The New York Times

"The Status-tician: Alain de Botton"
"From Toronto With Love: Novels in Stories"
Author Interviews for The Atlantic

"The Deviant Pianist on Film"
"Itzhak Perlman Wears the Years Like a Master"
"Beyond Just Beautiful: Gidon Kremer's Bach"
Music/Film Feature and Music Criticism for The Los Angeles Times

"Nico Muhly, New American Musical Storyteller" (Long-form version)
"David Byrne: Ageless Innovator"
Music Profiles for Departures

"Interview with a Plus One"
The Believer

"David Agus, M.D.: The Proteomics Revolutionary"[PDF]

"The Integrative Oncologist"[PDF]

"No Respect: Rodney Dangerfield (1921-2004)"
"Show Stopper: The Future of Conan"
Selected Music Columns
Cultural Opinion for The New Republic

"The Sounds of War"
"The Film Director as DJ"
"The Orchestration of 9/11"
"What Makes a Film Score Score?"
Music and Film Opinion for Slate

Tales from the Writer's Room: A Brief History of Funny Notes from Hollywood Executives
Comedy Feature for Rolling Stone

"Freaks and Geeks (In A Which Writer Speaks to Zach Galifianakis, pre-'Hangover,' in His House and Tries to Appear Professional)"
Comedy Q&A for (the old) Radar

"The Rise of the Natural Computer"
Tech, Health, and Science Feature for Popular Science

"Umami Mania"
"Preservation Society: A Pickling Tradition"
"Total Immersion: The Sous Vide Life"
"The Incredible Shrinking Plate: Jose Andres's Bazaar"
Food Features for Hemispheres

"The Big Chill: How to Become a Relaxation Drink Millionaire"
"Making the Grade: The Twentysomething Who Took College Guides Digital"
The Bounty Hunter: How the Man Who Reinvented E-mail is Revolutionizing the Way We Find Stuff"
Business Stories for Hemispheres

"A Performance Course for the Ages"
"Elvis Tourns Tourist"
"The Painter of Modern Music"
"Jeff Garlin: Appetite for Production"
"Radiohead Replay"
"Baumbach Lands on Family Island"
"The Seinfeld Biography About Nothing"
"What Was Bach Thinking?"
Music & Film Features & Opinion for The New York Sun

"Reading (Umberto) Eco-Conscious" 
"Meet Jonathan Lethem's Other Family: Stan Lee and 3-CP0" 
"Shedding Old-World Baggage for Some New"
Book Reviews for The S.F. Chronicle Book Review

"Blame the FAA"
Aviation Feature for Travel + Leisure

"Strings Attached: Rare Violins as Investments"
Feature for Bloomberg Pursuits



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